UCD7242-EP Datasheet PDF

Part Number : UCD7242-EP

Function : Digital Dual Synchronous-Buck Power Driver, UCD7242-EP / QFN 32Pin

Manufacturers : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :

UCD7242-EP datasheet

Description :

The UCD7242 is a complete power system ready to drive two independent buck power supplies.

High side MOSFETs, low side MOSFETs, drivers, current sensing circuitry and necessary protection functions are all integrated into one monolithic solution to facilitate minimum size and maximum efficiency.

Driver circuits provide high charge and discharge current for the high-side NMOS switch and the low-side NMOS synchronous rectifier in a synchronous buck circuit. The MOSFET gates are driven to +6.25 V by an internally regulated V GG supply. The internal V GG regulator can be disabled to permit the user to supply an independent gate drive voltage. This flexibility allows a wide power conversion input voltage range of 2.2 V to 18 V. Internal under voltage lockout (UVLO) logic ensures V GG is good before allowing chip operation.

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UCD7242-EP pdf

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