UF520 Datasheet PDF – 5A, 200V, Ultra Fast Rectifier

Part Number: UF520

Function: 5A, 200V, Ultra Fast Rectifier  / Vf = 0.95V, Trr = 30.00ns

Package: DO201AD Type

Manufacturer: Microsemi Corporation

Image and Pinouts:

UF520 datasheet



The UF520 is 5A, 200V, Ultra Fast Rectifier.

An ultra-fast rectifier refers to a type of rectifier circuit that can quickly convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). This type of rectifier has a fast response time compared to other rectifiers, making it ideal for applications where a quick response time is required. The ultra-fast rectifier is often used in high-frequency power supplies, voltage multipliers, and high-speed power converters.

The main advantage of an ultra-fast rectifier is its fast switching time, which helps to reduce the amount of power lost as heat during the conversion process. This, in turn, results in higher efficiency and better performance in high-frequency applications. Additionally, the fast switching time also reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI), making it suitable for use in sensitive electronic systems.


1. 175°C Junction Temperature

2. Vrrm 200 Volts

3. 5 Amp Current Rating

4. Trr 30 ns Max.

Electrical Rating :

1. Forward Voltage : VF = 0.95 V
2. Junction Capacitance : CJ = 58.00 pF
3. Reverse Current : IR = 10.00 µA
4. Reverse Recovery Time : trr = 30.00 ns

Maximum Electrical Rating :

1. Forward Current (Surge Peak) :IFSM = 175.00 A
2. Output Current : IO = 5.00 A
3. Working Peak Reverse Voltage : VRWM = 200.00 V


Other data sheets are available within the file: UF510, UF515

UF520 Datasheet PDF Download

UF520 pdf

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