UF5404 Datasheet – 400V, 3A, Rectifier, Diode

Part Number : UF5404

Function : 400V, 3A, Soft Recovery Ultrafast Plastic Rectifier

Package : DO-201AD Type

Manufacturers : Vishay, MCC, Semikron


UF5404 400V diode rectifier


1. Glass passivated pellet chip junction
2. Ultrafast reverse recovery time
3. Low forward voltage drop
4. Low switching losses, high efficiency
5. High forward surge capability



UF5404 datasheet pinout

Other PartNumber : UF5400, UF5401, UF5402, UF5403, UF5405, UF5406, UF5407, UF5408


1. For use in high frequency rectification and freewheeling application in switching mode converters and inverters for consumer, computer and telecommunication.


UF5404 Datasheet