UJA1023 Datasheet – Local Interconnect Network I/O Slave

Part Number : UJA1023

Function : Local Interconnect Network (LIN) I/O Slave

Package : SO16 Type

Manufacturers : NXP Semiconductors.

Pinouts :

UJA1023 datasheet


Description :

The UJA1023 is a stand-alone Local Interconnect Network (LIN) I/O slave that replaces basic components commonly used in electronic control units for input and output handling.

The UJA1023 contains a LIN 2.0 controller, an integrated LIN transceiver which is LIN 2.0 / SAE J2602 compliant and LIN 1.3 compatible, a 30 kΩtermination resistor necessary for LIN-slaves, and eight I/O ports which are configurable via the LIN bus.

An automatic bit rate synchronization circuit adapts to any (master) bit rate between 1 kbit/s and 20 kbit/s. For this, an oscillator isintegrated.

The LIN protocol will be handled autonomously and both Node Address (NAD) and LIN frame Identifier (ID) programming will be done by a master request and an optional slave response message in combination with a daisy chain or plug coding function.

Features :

1. Automatic bit rate synchronization to any (master) bit rate between 1 kbit/s and 20 kbit/s

2. Integrated LIN 2.0 / SAE J2602 transceiver (including 30 kΩ termination resistor)

3.  Eight bidirectional I/O pins

4. Outputs configurable as high-side and/or low-side driver and as cyclic or PWM driver

5. Advanced low-power behavior

6. Node Address (NAD) configuration via daisy chain or plug coding

7. Inputs supporting local wake-up and edge capturing

8. Limp home configuration in case of error conditions

9. High immunity against electromagnetic interference



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UJA1023 pdf

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