UP1589Q Datasheet – Laptop IC For Power Supply Controller

Part Number : UP1589Q, UP1589QQKF

Function : High Efficiency, Main Power Supply Controller

Package :  QFN-20 Pin Type

Manufacturers : UPI


UP1589Q datasheet

Description :

The UP1589Q is a dual step down, Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) controller which generates logic supply voltages for battery powered systems. It includes two Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers adjustable from 2V to 5.5V and also two fixed 5V/3.3V linear regulators. One of the controllers (LDO5) provides automatic switch over to the BYP1 input connected to the main SMPS1 output for maximized efficiency.

Pinout ( = RT8239B )

UP1589Q pinout

1. Notebook computers
2. System Power Supplies
3. 3- and 4- Cell Li+ Battery-Powered Device

UP1589Q Datasheet