UP7713U8 Datasheet – 2A, Bus Termination Regulator, SOP8

Part Number : UP7713U8

Function : Linear regulator designed to generate termination voltage in DDR

Package : SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturers : NEC, uPI Semi

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Description :

The device linear regulator is designed to provide the transient peaks up to 2A sourcing or sinking capability for DDR(Double Data Rate) SDRAM bus termination application. The output voltage can track half of input power by two external voltage divider resistors.


1. Power MOSFET Integrated
2. Low Output Voltage Offset
3. Current Limiting Protection
4. Thermal Shutdown Protection
5. Adjusted Output by External Resistors
6. Shutdown for Standby or Suspend Mode

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UP7713U8 Datasheet

UP7713U8 Datasheet

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