UPC151 Datasheet – Operation Amplifiers, C151C – NEC

Part Number : UPC151

Description : General Purpose Operational Amplifiers

Manufactures : NEC, Renesas

UPC151 image


The uPC151 and uPC171 are general purpose operational amplifiers having internal frequency compensating circuits. It is intended for a wide range of analog applictions. High common mode voltage range and no latch up tendencies make this amplifier ideal for use as a voltage follower.

Two kinds of ICs are available according to reliability, the uPC151 for industry, the uPC741 for commercial.


1. internal Frequency Compensation
2. Short Circuit Protection
3. Offset Voltage Null Capability
4. Large Common Mode and Differential Voltage Range
5. No Latch Up
6. uA741 Direct Replacement


UPC151 datasheet


UPC151 Datasheet