UPD16314 Datasheet PDF – VFD Controller / Driver

Part Number : UPD16314


Package : 144-PIN PLASTIC LQFP Type

Manufacturers : NEC (Renesas Technology)

Pinouts :

UPD16314 datasheet


Description :

The UPD16314 is a VFD controller/driver capable of displaying a dot matrix VFD. It has 80 anode outputs and 24 grid outputs. A single µ PD16314 can display up to 16C x 2L, 20C x 2L, or 24C x 2L.

The uPD16314 has character generator ROM in which 248 x 5 x 8 dot characters are stored.


Features :

1. Dot matrix VFD controller/driver

2. Capable of driving anodes for cursor display (48 units)

3. 80 x 8 bits display RAM incorporated

4. Capable of alphanumeric and symbolic display through internal ROM (5 by 8 dots)
240 characters plus 8 user-defined characters

5. Parallel data input/output (switchable between 4 bits and 8 bits) or serial data input/output can be selected.

6. On-chip oscillator

7. Custom ROM supported


Other data sheets within the file : µPD16314GJ-001-8EU, µPD16314GJ-002-8EU


UPD16314 Datasheet PDF Download

UPD16314 pdf

Other data sheets within the file :

UPD16314GJ-001-8EU, UPD16314GJ-002-8EU