UPSD3213AV-40U6T Datasheet PDF

Part Number : UPSD3213AV-40U6T

Function : Flash Programmable System Devices with 8032 Microcontroller Core and 64Kbit SRAM

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

Pinouts :

UPSD3213AV-40U6T datasheet

Description :

TheµPSD323X Devices combine a Flash PSD
architecture with an 8032 microcontroller core.
TheµPSD323X Devices of Flash PSDs feature
dual banks of Flash memory, SRAM, general
purpose I/O and programmable logic, supervisory functions and access via USB, I
DDC and PWM channels, and an on-board
8032 microcontroller core, with two UARTs,
three 16-bit Timer/Counters and two External
Interrupts. As with other Flash PSD families, the
µPSD323X Devices are also in-system programmable (ISP) via a JTAG ISP interface.

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