V33ZA70P Datasheet PDF

Part Number : V33ZA70P

Function : (ZA Series) Varistor Products – Low to Medum Voltage / Radial Lead

Manufacturers : Littelfuse, Inc

Pinouts :

V33ZA70P datasheet

Description :

The ZA Series of transient voltage surge suppressors are radial leaded varistors (MOVs) designed for use in the protection of low and medium-voltage circuits and systems. Typical applications include motor control, telecom, automotive systems, solenoid, and power supply circuits to protect circuit board components and maintain data integrity.

These devices are available in five model sizes: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 14mm and 20mm, and feature a wide V DC voltage range of 5.5V to 615V.

See ZA Series Device Ratings and Specifications Table for part number and brand information.

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V33ZA70P pdf

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