V414A Datasheet PDF – 5V, Photo ED MOS Relay – Cosmo

Part Number: V414A

Function: Photo ED MOS Relay

Package: DIP, SOP 6 Pin

Manufacturer: COSMO Electronics

Image and Pinouts:

V414A datasheet


The V414A is 5V, High Voltage, Photo ED MOS Relay.

A relay is an electrically operated switch that opens or closes a circuit by activating an electromagnet to actuate the switch. It allows a low-power electrical signal, such as from a microcontroller or sensor, to control a much larger current or voltage, such as required to drive a motor or light bulb. This allows a small electronic device to control a much larger one, or to isolate the low-power circuit from the high-power one. Relays are used in a wide range of applications, including automotive systems, HVAC systems, and computer power supplies, among other


1. Normally Close, Single Pole Single Throw

2. Control 400VAC or DC Voltage

3. Switch 130 mA Loads

4. LED control Current, 5mA

5. Low ON-Resistance


Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25° )

1. Emitter ( Input )

(1) Reverse Voltage : 5.0 V
(2) Continuous Forward Current : 50 mA
(3) Peak Forward Current : 1 A
(4) Power Dissipation : 100 mW

2. Detector( Ouput )

(1) Output Breakdown Voltage : ± 400 V
(2) Continuous Load Current :  ± 130 mA
(3) Power Dissipation : 500 mW

Other data sheets are available within the file: V414


V414A Datasheet PDF Download

V414A pdf

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