VDA2010CTA Datasheet PDF – CMOS Voltage Detector

Part Number : VDA2010CTA

Function : Low power, ±1% High detect accuracy CMOS Voltage Detector

Pakcage : SOT-23 Type

Manufacturers : AnaSem Semiconductors

Pinouts :

VDA2010CTA datasheet


Description :

The VDA series are voltage detectors with low voltage, low power consumption and high accuracy. The accuracy of the detection voltage is detected based on a voltage reference of high accuracy that the temperature coefficient is controlled. The detection voltage is made in
high accuracy by using the laser trimming technology.

Features :

1. Detection voltage range : 0.8 V ~ 6.0 V

2. Operating voltage range : 0.7 V ~ 6.0 V

3. Output types : CMOS or N-Channel open drain

4. Low current consumption : Typ. 0.6 μA ( Vin = 1.5 V )

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VDA2010CTA pdf

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