VDUGLA44.736 Datasheet PDF – Crystal Oscillator

Part Number : VDUGLA44.736

Function : Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator / V-Type

Manufacturers : Vectron International

Image and Pinouts :

VDUGLA44.736 datasheet


Description :

This is Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator. Vectron’s V-Type Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO) is a quartz stabilized square wave generator with a CMOS output and is tested at CMOS and TTL (5.0 volt operation) logic levels. The V-Type’s small footprint and low profile make it ideally suitable for PCMCIA applications as well as any other where size is limited but performance is required.

Features :

1. Output frequencies to 80.000 MHz

2. 5.0 or 3.3 V operation

3. Tri-State Output

4. Low jitter < 6ps rms

5. VCXO with CMOS outputs

6. APR to 100 ppm

7. 0/70 or –40/85 °C temperature range

8. Hermetically sealed ceramic SMD package



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VDUGLA44.736 pdf

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