VHFD29-08IO1 Datasheet PDF – 800V, 32A, Bridge Diode

Part Number: VHFD29-08IO1

Function: Half Controlled Single Phase Rectifier Bridge


Image and Pinouts:

VHFD29-08IO1 datasheet



This is Half Controlled Single Phase Rectifier Bridge.


1. Package with DCB ceramic base plate

2. Isolation voltage 3600 V~

3. Planar passivated chips

4. Blocking voltage up to 1600 V

5. Low forward voltage drop

6. Leads suitable for PC board soldering

7. UL registered E 72873




1. Supply for DC power equipment
2. DC motor control

Advantages :

1. Easy to mount with two screws
2. Space and weight savings
3. Improved temperature and power cycling


VHFD29-08IO1 Datasheet PDF Download

VHFD29-08IO1 pdf

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