VI-J00 Datasheet – DC-DC Converter

Part Number : VI-J00

Function : DC-DC Converters 25 to 100 Watts

Manufacturers : Vicor

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VI-J00 datasheet


Description :

The VI-J00 MiniMod family established a new standard in component-level DC-DC converters. This “junior” size complement to the higher power VI-200 family offers up to 100 W of isolated and regulatedpower in a board mounted package. With thousands of input/output/power combinations, and with a maximum operating temperature rating of 100˚C, the MiniModprovides nearly unlimited flexibiliy for power system designers to meet demanding time to market requirements.

Other data sheets within the file : VE-J00CW, VE-J00CX, VE-J00CY, VE-J00CZ

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VI-J00 pdf