VLA500K-01R Datasheet PDF

Part Number : VLA500K-01R

Function : Hybrid IC IGBT Gate Driver + DC/DC Converter

Manufacturers : Powerex

Pinouts :

VLA500K-01R datasheet

Description :

VLA500K-01R is a hybrid integrated circuit designed for driving IGBT modules. This device is a fully isolated gate drive circuit consisting of an optimally isolated gate drive amplifier and an isolated DC-to-DC converter.

The gate driver provides an over-current protection function based on desaturation detection.

. Built-in Isolated DC-to-DC Converter for Gate Drive
. SIP Outline Allows More Space on Mounting Area
. Built-in Short-Circuit Protection (With Fault Output)
. Variable Fall Time on Short Circuit Protection
. Electrical Isolation Voltage
. Between Input and Output (4000 Vrms for 1 Minute)
. TTL Compatible Input

To drive IGBT modules for inverter or AC servo systems applications

Recommended IGBT Modules:
600V module up to 600A
1200V module up to 1400A
1700V module up tp 1000A

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VLA500K-01R pdf

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