VLR-03V Datasheet PDF – 6.2mm pitch, Connector – JST

Part Number : VLR-03V

Function : VL Connector / 6.2mm pitch, Disconnectable Crimp style Wire-to-Wire Connector

Manufacturers : JST

Images :

VLR-03V datasheet


Description :

This VL connector is 6.2mm pitch wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connector, designed for large current up to 20A.

1. Housing lances for contact retention
2. Secondary retainer
3. Suited for circuits with high power requirements
4. Panel lock construction


1. Current ratings : 20A AC, DC max
2. Voltage ratings : 600V AC, DC max
3. Withstanding voltage : 2,000 VAC/minute

Other data sheets within the file : VLR-02V, VLR-04V, VLR-06V, VLR-08V, VLR-12V

VLR-03V Datasheet PDF Download

VLR-03V pdf

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