VNS3NV04D-E Datasheet PDF

Part Number : VNS3NV04D-E

Function : OMNIFET II fully autoprotected Power MOSFET

Manufacturers : STMicroelectronics

Pinouts :

VNS3NV04D-E datasheet

Description :

The VNS3NV04D-E is a device formed by two monolithic OMNIFET II chips housed in a
standard SO-8 package.

The OMNIFET II are designed in STMicroelectronics VIPower M0-3 Technology: they are intended for replacement of standard Power MOSFETS from DC up to 50KHz applications. Built in thermal shutdown, linear current limitation and overvoltage clamp protects the chip in harsh environments.

Fault feedback can be detected by monitoring the voltage at the input pin.

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VNS3NV04D-E pdf

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