VS1838 Datasheet – Infrared Receiver Module

Part Number : VS1838

Function : Infrared Receiver Module

Manufacturers : NFN ( www.nfn.cc )
Pinouts :

VS1838 datasheet

Description :

VS1838 includes high-speed high-sensitivity PIN photodiode and a low-power, high-gain Preamplifier IC, using epoxy plastic package design, the product has passed REACH and SGS certified as environmentally friendly products, as in the infrared remote control system receiver Uses.

1. epoxy plastic packaging;
2. Wide operating voltage,2.7-5 .5 V;
3. Low power consumption; wide-angle and long distance reception;
4. Anti aggravation ability, able to withstand the environment aggravation;
5. output matching TTL, CMOS level, active low.


Other data sheets within the file : VS-1838

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