VS1838 PDF – Infrared Receiver Module

This post explains for the Infrared Receiver.

The Part Number is VS1838.

The function of this semiconductor is Infrared Receiver Module.

Manufacturer: LEN

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The VS1838 contains high-speed and high-sensitivity PIN photodiode and low-power, high-gain preamplifier IC. It adopts epoxy resin package and external shielding and anti-jamming design. This product has passed REACH and SGS certification and is an environmentally friendly product. It is used in infrared remote control systems. used as a receiver.


1. Epoxy resin encapsulation and external shielding anti-drying design;
2. Wide working voltage, 2.7-5.5V;
3 .Low power consumption; wide angle and long distance reception;
4. Strong anti-drying ability, can withstand environmental interference;
5.The output matches the TTL and CMOS levels, and the low level is valid.


1. Audio-visual equipment (speaker, TV, DVD, satellite receiver, etc.);
2. Home appliances (air conditioners, fans, lighting, etc.);
3. Other infrared remote control products. […]

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VS1838 Datasheet

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