VSKC320 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : VSKC320

Function : Standard Recovery Diodes, 250 A to 320 A / 3000 VRMSisolating voltage

Manufacturers : Vishay Semiconductors

Pinouts :

VSKC320 datasheet

Description :

This new VS-VSK series of MAGN-A-PAKs uses high voltage power diodes in two basic configurations. The semiconductors are electricallyisolated from the metal base, allowing common heatsinks and compact assemblies to be built. They can be interconnected to form single phase or three phase bridges and the single diode module can be used in conjunction with the thyristor modules as a freewheel diode. These modules are intended for general
purpose applications such as battery chargers, welders and plating equipment and where high voltage and high current are required (motor drives, etc.).

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VSKC320 pdf

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