W163 Datasheet – Spread Aware, Zero Delay Buffer – Cypress

Part Number : W163

Function : Spread Aware/ Zero Delay Buffer

Package : SOIC 8 Pin

Manufactures : Cypress Semiconductor


W163 datasheet pinout


1. Spread Aware – designed to work with SSFTG reference signals
2. Outputs may be three-stated
3. Extra strength output drive available (-15 version)
4. Internal feedback maximized the number of outputs available in 8-pin package

Block Diagram

W163 block diagram


The W163 products are five-output zero delay buffers. A Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) is used to take a time-varying signal and provide five copies of that same signal out. The internal feedback to the PLL provides outputs in phase with the reference inputs.

W163 Datasheet