W210 Datasheet – Spread Spectrum FTG – Cypress

Part Number : W210

Function : Spread Spectrum FTG for VIA K7 Chipset

Package : 48-pin SSOP

Manufactures : Cypress Semiconductor




The W210 was developed as a single-chip device to meet the clocking needs of VIA K7 core logic chip sets. In addition to the typical outputs provided by a standard FTG, the W210 adds a thirteenth output buffer, supporting SDRAM DIMM modules in conjunction with the chipset.
Cypress’s proprietary spread spectrum frequency synthesis technique is a feature of the CPU and PCI outputs. When enabled, this feature reduces the peak EMI measurements of not only the output signals and their harmonics, but also of any other clock signals that are properly synchronized to them.

W210 datasheet Block Diagram

W210 Datasheet