WFD830 Datasheet – 500V, 4.5A, N-Ch, MOSFET ( PDF )

Part Number : WFD830

Function : Silicon N-Channel MOSFET

Package : DPAK Type

Manufacturers : Winsemi

Image and Pinouts :

WFD830 datasheet


Description :

This is 4.5A, 500V, N-Channel MOSFET.

This Power MOSFET is produced using Winsemi ’ s advanced planar stripe, DMOS technology. This latest technology has been especially designed to minimize on-state resistance, have a high rugged avalanche characteristics. This devices is specially well suited for high efficiency switch model power supplies, power factor correction and half bridge and full bridge resonant topology line a electronic lamp ballast.


1. 4.5A, 500V, RDS(on)(Max 1.5Ω)@VGS=10V

2. Ultra-low Gate Charge(Typical 32nC)

3. Fast Switching Capability

4. 100%Avalanche Tested

5. Maximum Junction Temperature Range(150℃)

Other data sheets within the file : WFD-830


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WFD830 pdf