XPT9910 Datasheet PDF – Power Amplifier, 16 Pin – XPT

Part Number: XPT9910, XPT9910ES

Function: FM-free, AB/D optional power amplifier

Package: ESOP16  Type

Manufacturer: XPT ( www.xptek.cn )


XPT9910 datasheet amplifier


XPT9910 is an FM-free, AB/D optional power amplifier. Maximum output power up to 12W (2Ω, BTL load, THD<10% ) The total harmonic distortion noise in the audio range is less than 1%. XPT9910
The application circuit is simple, only a few peripheral devices are needed, and the feedback power is integrated. Resistor; output does not require external coupling capacitor or bootstrap capacitor and buffer network.

The device is packaged in an ESOP package and is particularly suitable for large volumes and bodies Heavy portable system. XPT9910 has internal overheating automatic shutdown Protection mechanism; stable operation, gain bandwidth product up to 2.5MHz, and single Bit gain is stable. Feedback resistor built-in, can configure peripheral parameters Adjust the amplifier’s voltage gain and the best sound quality for easy application. It is the perfect solution for loudspeakers and 2-cell lithium battery applications.


XPT9910 pinout


1. No interference with FM, high efficiency, excellent sound quality
2. AB/D switching
3. 10W output power (10% THD, 8.4V power supply, 4Ω load)
4. 8W output power (10% THD, 7.4V power supply, 4Ω load)
5. 3.5W output power (10% THD, 5V power supply, 4Ω load)
6. Wide operating voltage range: 2.5V~9V
7. Power off pop suppression
8. Adjustable external gain, integrated feedback
9. Low off-current and low EMI
10. No need to drive output coupling capacitors, bootstrap capacitors, and buffer networks
11. Unity gain stability
12. Overheat protection, overvoltage protection


XPT9910 Datasheet


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