XRT3591BIP Datasheet – V.35 Transceiver and Transmitter

Part Number : XRT3591BIP

Function : Single Chip V.35 Transceiver

Manufacturers : Exar Corporation

Pinouts :

XRT3591BIP datasheet


Description :

XRT3591BIP is a single chip device which contains three V.35 receivers and transmiiters. This device by itself is sufficient to implement all the data and clock signals required for a V.35 interface.

Features :

1. Transmitters are short circuit protected

2. Full compliance with CCITT V.35 specification

3. Allows disabling all receivers, or drviers, or all receivers and drivers.


Applications :

1. Bridges and routers

2. Modems

3. Digital service unit (DSUs )


XRT3591BIP Datasheet PDF Download

XRT3591BIP pdf

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