XRT79L71 Datasheet PDF – Framing Controller

Part Number : XRT79L71


Package : 17X17 mm 208 Ball Shrink Thin Ball Grid Array

Manufacturers : Exar Corporation

Pinouts :

XRT79L71 datasheet


Description :

The XRT79L71 is a single channel, integrated DS3/E3 framing controller and Line Interface Unit with Jitter Attenuator that is designed to support Frame processing. For Clear-Channel Framer applications, this device supports the transmission and reception of “user data” via the DS3/E3 payload.

The device includes DS3/E3 Framing, Line Interface Unit with Jitter Attenuator that supports mapping of HDLC framed data. A flexible parallel microprocessor interface is provided for configuration and control.

Features :

1. Integrated Jitter Attenuator that can be selected either in Receive or Transmit path

2. Flexible integrated Clock Multiplier that takes single frequency clock and generates either DS3 or E3 frequency.

3. HDLC Controller that provides the mapping/extraction of either bit or byte mapped encapsulated packet from DS3/E3 Frame.


XRT79L71 Datasheet PDF Download

XRT79L71 pdf

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