YSL-R596CR3G4B5C-C10 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : YSL-R596CR3G4B5C-C10

Function : RED/GREEN/BLUE Triple Color LED

Manufacturers : Young SUN LED Technology

Pinouts :

YSL-R596CR3G4B5C-C10 datasheet


Description :

1. All dimension are in mm, tolerance is 0.2mm unless otherwise noted
2. An epoxy meniscus may extend about 1.5mm down the leads.
3. Burr around bottom of epoxy may be 0.5mm Maximum


1. Moving Message Display
2. Banking Board
3. Digital Display
4. Full Color Display
5. Score Boards

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YSL-R596CR3G4B5C-C10 Datasheet PDF Download

YSL-R596CR3G4B5C-C10 pdf

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