YX806 PDF Datasheet – Solar Candle Light Controller

Part Number: YX806

Function: Solar Candle Light Controller

Package: TO-94 type

Manufacturer: ETC


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The solar candle light mainly uses the energy of the solar cell to work. When the sunlight shines on the solar cell during the day, the light energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in the battery, and then the battery provides power for the candle light (yellow LED) at night, Drive the yellow LED to blink like a candle. Its advantages are mainly safety, energy saving, convenience, environmental protection, etc. […]


1. High efficiency: 80~90% (typical value), can make full use of solar cells

2. Less peripheral components: one inductor

3. Low-voltage battery protection function

4. The input current can be adjusted by adjusting the inductance

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YX806 Datasheet