ZL30143 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : ZL30143

Function : SyncE SONET/SDH G.8262/Stratum3 System Synchronizer/SETS

Manufacturers : Microsemi Corporation

Pinouts :

ZL30143 datasheet

Description :

Microsemi’s ZL30143 phase locked loop (PLL) is part of the Company’s market-leading
portfolio of single-chip Synchronous Ethernet solutions. The highly integrated products allow
manufacturers to easily upgrade or design networking equipment that supports accurate
end-to-end transmission of voice, video, data and mobile applications and services over
IP-based wired and wireless networks.

Targeting central timing card applications in carrier-grade networking equipment, the
ZL30143 chip integrates analog and digital phase locked loops (APLL/DPLL). The device
provides two independent DPLLs for applications that require independent transmit and
receive timing paths. Delivering high performance at a considerably lower cost versus the
competition, the ZL30143 product requires only an inexpensive temperature controlled
crystal oscillator (TCXO) to achieve full compliance with ITU-T Recommendation G.8262.





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