ZMM5225 Datasheet PDF

Part Number : ZMM5225

Function : ZMM5225 THRU ZMM5267 / ZENER DIODES

Manufacturers : General Semiconductor

Pinouts :

ZMM5225 datasheet

Description :

– Silicon Planar Power Zener Diodes

– Standard Zener voltage tolerance is ± 5% with a “B” suffix. Other tolerances are available upon

– These diodes are also available in the DO-35 case with the type designation 1N5225 … 1N5267, SOT-23 case with the type designation MMBZ5225 … MMBZ5267 and SOD-123 case with type designation MMSZ5225 … MMSZ5267.

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ZMM5225 pdf

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