07N60C3 PDF Datasheet – 650V, 7.3A, Power MOSFET

This post explains for the MOSFET.

The Part Number is 07N60C3.

The function of this semiconductor is 650V, 7.3A, Power Transistor.

The package is PG-TO220FP, PG-TO262, PG-TO220.

Manufacturer: Infineon

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07N60C3 pdf pinout


07N60C3 is 650V, 7.3A, Cool MOS Power Transistor. “CoolMOS” is a brand name for a series of high-performance power MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) devices developed and manufactured by Infineon Technologies. CoolMOS is known for its advanced technology and design features that make it suitable for a wide range of power electronics applications.


1. New revolutionary high voltage technology

2. Ultra low gate charge

3. Periodic avalanche rated

4. Extreme dv/dt rated

5. High peak current capability

6. Improved transconductance

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Drain to source voltage: VDSS = 650 V

2. Gate to source voltage: VGSS = ± 20 V

3. Drain current: ID = 7.3 A

4. Power Dissipation : Ptot = 83 W (Ta = 25°C)

5. Channel temperature: Tch = 150 °C

6. Storage temperature: Tstg = -55 to +150 °C

07N60C3 datasheet

1. High Efficiency: CoolMOS transistors are designed to have low on-state resistance (RDS(on)) and low switching losses, which results in high efficiency. This high efficiency is crucial in power electronics applications to minimize energy wastage and heat generation.

2. Fast Switching: They have fast switching speeds, making them suitable for applications requiring rapid switching, such as switching power supplies and motor control.

3. Low Capacitance: CoolMOS devices typically have low input and output capacitance, which reduces switching losses and improves high-frequency performance.


Other data sheets are available within the file:

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07N60C3 PDF Datasheet