07N65C3 PDF – 650V, CoolMOS Transistor – SPP07N65C3

Part Number: 07N65C3, SPP07N65C3

Function: 650V, MOSFET

Package: TO-220-3, TO-262-3, TO-22- Type

Manufacturer: Infineon

07N65C3 pinout datasheet


07N65C3 is 650V, 7.3A, CoolMOS Power Transistor. CoolMOS power transistor refers to a specific type of power transistor that belongs to the CoolMOS family of power semiconductor devices.

CoolMOS is a trademarked technology developed by Infineon Technologies AG for power MOSFETs. CoolMOS power transistors are known for their low on-resistance (RDS(on)), high efficiency, and low switching losses, resulting in improved power conversion efficiency and reduced power dissipation.

1. Voltage Rating: The power transistor is designed to handle a maximum voltage of 650 volts (V). This voltage rating indicates the maximum voltage the transistor can withstand without experiencing breakdown or damage.

2. Current Rating: The power transistor has a maximum continuous current rating of 7.3 amperes (A). This rating specifies the maximum current that can flow through the transistor without exceeding its current carrying capacity.


• New revolutionary high voltage technology

• Ultra low gate charge

• Periodic avalanche rated

• Extreme dv/dt rated

• High peak current capability

• Improved transconductance


07N65C3 pdf transistor

07N65C3 PDF Datasheet