100N03L PDF Datasheet – 30V, 80A, MOSFET – STD100N03L

Part Number: 100N03L, STD100N03L

Function: N-CHANNEL 30V – 0.0045Ω – 80A, MOSFET

Package: IPAK, DPAK Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


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This MOSFET is the latest refinement of STMicroelectronic unique “Single Feature Size™” stripbased process. The resulting transistor shows extremely high packing density for low on-resistance, rugged avalanche characteristics, low gate charge and less critical aligment steps therefore a remarkable manufacturing reproducibility. This new improved device has been specifically designed for Automotive application and DC-DC converters.


1. N-CHANNEL 30V – 0.0045Ω – 80A – DPAK – IPAK Planar STripFET™ MOSFET

2. Package ID Pw VDSSS 30 V 30 V RDS(on) <0.0055 Ω 80 A(1) 110 W <0.0055 Ω 80 A(1) 110 W 3 1 1 3 2 100%AVALANCHE TESTED SURFACE-MOUNTING DPAK (TO-252) LOGIC LEVEL THRESHOLD DPAK IPAK Internal schematic diagram


HIGH CURRENT, HIGH SWITCHING DC-DC CONVERTER AUTOMOTIVE Order codes Sales Type STD100N03LT4 STD100N03L-1 Marking D100N03L D100N03L-1 Package DPAK IPA […]


100N03L Datasheet