1200P60 PDF – PWM Current-Mode Controller

A PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Current-Mode Controller is an electronic device used in power electronic circuits to regulate the output current of a system by modulating the width of the output pulses. This type of controller is commonly used in applications such as switching power supplies, voltage regulators, motor drives, and other systems where precise control of the output current is required.

Part Number: 1200P60, NCP1200P60G

Function: PWM Current-Mode Controller

Packagek : SOP, DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

Images:1200P60 pdf pinout


1200P60 is PWM Current-Mode Controller for Low-Power Universal Off-Line Supplies.

Housed in SOIC−8 or PDIP−8 package, the NCP1200 represents a major leap toward ultra−compact Switchmode Power Supplies. Due to a novel concept, the circuit allows the implementation of a complete offline battery charger or a standby SMPS with few external components. Furthermore, an integrated output short−circuit protection lets the designer build an extremely low−cost AC−DC wall adapter associated with a simplified feedback scheme.

With an internal structure operating at a fixed 40 kHz, 60 kHz or 100 kHz, the controller drives low gate−charge switching devices like an IGBT or a MOSFET thus requiring a very small operating power. Due to current−mode control, the NCP1200 drastically simplifies the design of reliable and cheap offline converters with extremely low acoustic generation and inherent pulse−by−pulse control.


1200P60 datasheet controller

1. Current Regulation: These controllers provide precise regulation of the output current, which is crucial in applications where maintaining a constant current is important.

2. Good Dynamic Response: Current-mode control inherently provides good transient response, making it suitable for applications with rapidly changing loads.

3. Stability: The current-loop control can provide stability in challenging load conditions, helping to prevent instability or oscillations in the system.


• No Auxiliary Winding Operation

• Internal Output Short−Circuit Protection

• Extremely Low No−Load Standby Power

• Current−Mode with Skip−Cycle Capability

• Internal Leading Edge Blanking

1200P60 PDF Datasheet