14D471K Datasheet – 14Pie, 470V, Varistor ( PDF )

Part Number: 14D471K

Function: 14Pie, 470V, Varistor

Package: Radial 2 Pin type

Manufacturer: Leiditech, TYEE


14D471K 470V Varistor


Varistor are voltage dependent, nonlinear device which have an electrical behavior similar to back-to-back zener diodes. 14D471K zinc oxide varistor is nonlinear resistors, consisting main of zinc oxide and several kinds of metal oxide additive. They are bilateral and symmetrical V-I characteristics curve and unparalleled large peak current capability are used for absorption of transient voltage, suppression of pulse noise and circuit voltage stabilization.



1. Fast responding to transient over-voltage.

2. Large absorbing transient energy capability.

3. Low clamping ratio and no following-on current.

4. High stabilization for circuit voltage

5.  Unparalleled absorption for transient voltage characteristics

Electrical Charateristics

14D471K Datasheet PDF

General Characteristics

1. No Radioactive Material

2. Storage Temperature: -55ºC to +125ºC

3. Operating Temperature: -55ºC to +85ºC

4. Body: Nickel Plated

5. Leads: Surface-mount, Axial Devices: Tin Plated

6. Devices with No Leads: Nickel Plated


1. Transistor, diode, IC, thyristor or triac semiconductor protection.

2. Surge protection in consumer electronics.

3. Surge protection in industrial electronics.

4. Surge protection in electronic home appliances, gas and petroleum appliances.

5. Relay and electromagnetic valve surge absorption.

14D471K Datasheet PDF

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