NCP1397B PDF Datasheet – Resonant Mode Controller

Part Number: NCP1397B

Function: High Performance Resonant Mode Controller

Package: SO-16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

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The NCP1397B is a high performance controller that can be utilized in half bridge resonant topologies such as series resonant, parallel resonant and LLC resonant converters. It integrates 600 V gate drivers, simplifying layout and reducing external component count. With its unique architecture, including a 500 kHz Voltage Controlled Oscillator whose control mode permits flexibility when an ORing function is required, the NCP1397 delivers everything needed to build
a reliable and rugged resonant mode power supply.

resonant controller, is an electronic device or integrated circuit (IC) used in power electronics to control the operation of resonant mode power supplies. Resonant mode power supplies are a type of switching power supply known for their efficiency and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI) compared to traditional pulse-width modulation (PWM) power supplies.


1. High−Frequency Operation from 50 kHz up to 500 kHz

2. 600 V High−Voltage Floating Driver

3. Adjustable Minimum Switching Frequency with ±3% Accuracy

4. Adjustable Deadtime from 100 ns to 2 μs.

5. Startup Sequence Via an Externally Adjustable Soft−Start

6. Brown−Out Protection for a Simpler PFC Association

NCP1397B datasheet pinout


1. Flat Panel Display Power Converters

2. High Power ac−dc Adapters for Notebooks

3. Computing Power Supplies

Other data sheets are available within the file: NCP1397, NCP1397A, NCV1397A, NCV1397B

NCP1397B PDF Datasheet

103H7123-5040 PDF Datasheet – 2-phase Stepping Motor

This post explains for the Stepping Motor.

The Part Number is 103H7123-5040.

The function of this semiconductor is 56mm, 2-phase Stepping Motor.

Manufacturer: Sanyo Denki

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103H7123-5040 pdf motor


103H7123-5040 is Bipolar winding, 56mm, 2-phase Stepping Motor.

A 2-phase stepping motor, also known as a bipolar stepper motor, is a type of electric motor commonly used in various applications where precise control of rotational motion is required. It is called “2-phase” because it has two sets of windings, or phases, in its stator. These motors are known for their ability to move in discrete steps or increments, making them valuable in applications such as robotics, 3D printers, CNC machines, and more.


1. Motor Type : Hybrid Motor

2. Step Angle : 1.8 °

3. Rated Current : 2 A

4. Phase Current : 2 A

5. Number of Wires : 4

6. Number of Phases : 2

7. Inductance : 3.8 mH

8. Resistance Per Phase : 800 mOhm

9. Rotor Inertia : 210 gcm²

10. Operating Mode : Bipolar

11. Holding Torque : 830 Nmm

12. Shaft Length : 21 mm

13. Shaft Diameter : 6.4 mm

14. NEMA Size : NEMA 23

15. Series : SanMotion

16. Length : 54 mm

17. Width : 56 mm

18. Height : 56 mm

103H7123-5040 datasheet

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103H7123-5040 PDF Datasheet