DS3231 Datasheet PDF – Precision Real-Time Clock IC

Part Number: DS3231, DS3231SN

Function: Extremely Accurate Real-time Clock (RTC) IC

Package: SO 16 Pin type

Manufacturer: Dallas, Maxim



The DS3231 is a low-cost, extremely accurate I²C real-time clock (RTC) with an integrated temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) and crystal. The device incorporates a battery input, and maintains accurate timekeeping when main power to the device is interrupted. The integration of the crystal resonator enhances the long-term accuracy of the device as well as reduces the piece-part count in a manufacturing line. The DS3231 is available in commercial and industrial temperature ranges, and is offered in a 16-pin, 300-mil SO package.

The RTC maintains seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, month, and year information. The date at the end of the month is automatically adjusted for months with fewer than 31 days, including corrections for leap year. The clock operates in either the 24-hour or 12-hour format with an active-low AM/PM indicator. Two programmable time-of-day alarms and a programmable square-wave output are provided. Address and data are transferred serially through an I²C bidirectional bus.




1. Highly Accurate RTC Completely Manages All Timekeeping Functions

(1) Real-Time Clock Counts Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Date of the Month, Month, Day of the Week, and Year, with Leap-Year Compensation Valid Up to 2100

(2) Accuracy ±2ppm from 0°C to +40°C

(3) Accuracy ±3.5ppm from -40°C to +85°C

(4) Digital Temp Sensor Output: ±3°C Accuracy

(5) Register for Aging Trim

(6) Active-Low RST Output/Pushbutton Reset Debounce Input

(7) Two Time-of-Day Alarms

(8) Programmable Square-Wave Output Signal

2. Simple Serial Interface Connects to Most Microcontrollers

(1) Fast (400kHz) I2C Interface


1. Servers

2. Telematics

3. Utility Power Meters

4. GPS


Official Homepage: https://www.analog.com/en/products/ds3231.html


DS3231 Datasheet PDF


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D2627 PDF – 800V, 6A, NPN Transistor, 2SD2627, Sanyo

Part Number: D2627

Function: 800V, 6A, NPN Transistor

Package: TO-220FI Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo Semicon Device


1 page
D2627 transistor pinout


The D2627 is 800V, 6A, NPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor.

The NPN transistor is used to amplify or switch electronic signals and is widely used in many electronic circuits. It works by controlling the current flow between the collector and emitter terminals through the base terminal.

When a small current is applied to the base, it controls a much larger current between the collector and emitter, making the NPN transistor an effective amplifier or switch.

Characteristics of NPN Transistors:

1. Bipolar Junction: NPN transistors are bipolar junction transistors (BJT), meaning they have a structure consisting of three regions of alternating P-type and N-type semiconductors.

2. Current Amplification: NPN transistors are designed to amplify electrical current, and can be used in a wide range of electronic applications such as amplifiers, switches, and oscillators.



• High speed.

• High breakdown voltage(VCBO=1500V).

• High reliability(Adoption of HVP process).

• Adoption of MBIT process.

• On-chip damper diode


2 page
D2627 pdf datasheet

Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Collector to Base Voltage: Vcbo = 1500V

2. Collector to Emitter Voltage: Vceo = 800V

3. Emitter to Base Voltage: Vebo = 6V

4. Collector Current: Ic = 6A

5. Collector Dissipation: Pc = 2W

6. Junction Temperature: Tj = 150°C

7. Storage Temperature: Tsg = -55 ~ +150°C


1. Color TV Horizontal Deflection Output

D2627 PDF Datasheet

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