24LC16B PDF Datasheet – 16Kbit Erasable PROM – Microchip

Part Number: 24LC16B

Function: 16Kb I2C compatible 2-wire Serial EEPROM

Package: 8-Lead MSOP, PDIP, DFN, SOIC, TDFN, TSSOP, UDFN, 5-Lead SOT-23 and 5-Ball CSP

Manufacturer: MicrochipTechnology


24LC16B pdf datasheet



The 24LC16B is a 16 Kbit Electrically Erasable PROM. The device is organized as eight blocks of 256 x 8-bit memory with a 2-wire serial interface. Low-voltage design permits operation down to 2.5V with standby and active currents of only 1 µA and 1 mA, respectively. The 24LC16B also has a page write capability for up to 16 bytes of data.

A 16Kbit Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EPROM) is a type of non-volatile memory integrated circuit that can store and retrieve data, but it is also designed to be electrically erased and reprogrammed.


1. Single Supply with Operation down to 2.5V

2. Low-Power CMOS Technology :
(1) Active current 1 mA, typical
(2)  Standby current, 1 µA, typical

3. 2-Wire Serial Interface, I2C Compatible

4. Schmitt Trigger Inputs for Noise Suppression

5. Output Slope Control to Eliminate Ground Bounce

6. 100 kHz and 400 kHz Clock Compatibility

7. Page Write Time 5 ms Maximum

8. Self-Timed Erase/Write Cycl


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24LC16B Arduino

24LC16B PDF Datasheet

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