25L1605AM2C PDF Datasheet – Flash Memory – MX25L1605AM2C

Part Number: 25L1605AM2C, MX25L1605AM2C

Function: 16M-BIT [x 1] CMOS SERIAL FLASH

Package: SOP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: Macronix International

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The 25L1605AM2C is a CMOS 16,777,216 bit serial Flash memory, which is configured as 2,097,152 x 8 internally. The MX25L1605A features a serial peripheral interface and software protocol allowing operation on a simple 3-wire bus. The three bus signals are a clock input (SCLK), a serial data input (SI), and a serial data output (SO). SPI access to the device is enabled by CS# input.

After program/erase command is issued, auto program/erase algorithms which program/ erase and verify the specified page or sector/block locations will be executed.

Program command is executed on page (256 bytes) basis, and erase command is executes on chip or sector(4K-bytes) or block(64K-bytes).



1 Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) compatible — Mode 0 and Mode 3

2. 16,777,216 x 1 bit structure

3. 512 Equal Sectors with 4K byte each
– Any Sector can be erased individually

4. 32 Equal Blocks with 64K byte each
– Any Block can be erased individually

5. Single Power Supply Operation
– 2.7 to 3.6 volt for read, erase, and program operations

6. Latch-up protected to 100mA from -1V to Vcc +1V

7. Low Vcc write inhibit is from 1.5V to 2.5V


25L1605AM2C pinout datasheet

The MX25L1605A is designed to offer protection against accidental erasure or programming caused by spurious system level signals that may exist during power transition. During power up the device automatically resets the state machine in the Read mode. In addition, with its control register architecture, alteration of the memory contents only occurs after successful completion of specific command sequences.

25L1605AM2C PDF Datasheet