29F32G08C PDF Datasheet – 32GB, NAND Flash Memory

Part Number: 29F32G08C

Function: 32GB, NAND Flash Memory

Package: TSSOP 48 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Micron

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29F32G08C is 32GB, NAND Flash Memory.

Micron NAND Flash devices include an asynchronous data interface for high-performance I/O operations. These devices use a highly multiplexed 8-bit bus (DQx) to transfer commands,address, and data. There are five control signals used to implement the asynchronous data interface: CE#, CLE, ALE, WE#, and RE#. Additional signals control hardware write protection (WP#) and monitor device status (R/B#).

This Micron NAND Flash device additionally includes a synchronous data interface for high-performance I/O operations. When the synchronous interface is active, WE# becomes CLK and RE# becomes W/R#. Data transfers include a bidirectional data strobe (DQS)



• Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) 2.1-compliant1

• Multiple-level cell (MLC) technology

• Synchronous I/O performance

– Up to synchronous timing mode 4

– Clock rate: 12ns (DDR) – Read/write throughput per pin: 166 MT/s

• Asynchronous I/O performance

– Up to asynchronous timing mode 4

– tRC/tWC: 25ns (MIN)

• Array performance

– Read page: 50µs (MAX)

– Program page: 900µs (TYP)

– Erase block: 3ms (TYP)

• RESET (FFh) required as first command after poweron

• Operation status byte provides software method for detecting

– Operation completion

– Pass/fail condition

– Write-protect status

29F32G08C pinout datasheet

NAND flash memory is a type of non-volatile storage technology that is widely used in electronic devices for data storage, such as smartphones, solid-state drives (SSDs), USB drives, memory cards, and more. It is a key component in modern digital devices due to its high storage capacity, fast read and write speeds, and durability.

29F32G08C PDF Datasheet