2N2222 PDF Datasheet – Bipolar NPN Device Transistor

This post explains for the transistor.

The Part Number is 2N2222.

The function of this semiconductor is 30V, Bipolar NPN Device Transistor.

Manufacturer: Seme LAB

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2N2222 transistor is 30V, 0.8A, NPN Transistor.

Dimensions in mm (inches). :

5.84 (0.230) 5.31 (0.209) 4.95 (0.195) 4.52 (0.178) Bipolar NPN Device in a Hermetically sealed TO18 Metal Package. 0.48 (0.019) 0.41 (0.016) dia. 2.54 (0.100) Nom. 31 2 1 – Emitter TO18 (TO206AA) PINOUTS 2 – Base 3 – Collector Bipolar NPN Device. VCEO = 30V IC = 0.8A All Semelab hermetically sealed products can be processed in accordance with the requirements of BS, CECC and JAN, JANTX, JANTXV and JANS specifications Parameter VCEO- IC(CONT) hFE ft PD Test Conditions @ 10/0.15 (VCE / IC) – Maximum Working Voltage Min. 100 Typ. 250M Max. 30 0.8 300 0.5 Units V A Hz W This is a shortform datasheet. For a full datasheet please contact sales@semelab.co.uk. Semelab Plc reserves the right to change test conditions, parameter limits and package dimensions without notice. Information furnished by Semelab is believed to be both accurate and reliable at the time of going to press. However Semelab assumes no responsibility for any errors o […]


2N2222 Datasheet

2N2222 pdf