2YL6 PDF Datasheet – IN4054 – Battery Voltage Charge IC

This post explains for the semiconductor Charge IC.

The Part Number is IN4054, 1N4054 ( Marking Information is 2YL6).

The function of this semiconductor is Battery Voltage Charge IC.

Manufacturer: ShenZhen Income

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2YL6 ic


A battery voltage charge IC, also known as a battery charging IC or battery management IC, is an integrated circuit specifically designed to control and monitor the charging process of a rechargeable battery. It provides the necessary functions to regulate the charging voltage, current, and overall charging process to ensure safe and efficient charging of the battery.

The 2YL6 is a complete single-cell lithium-ion battery constant current and constant voltage linear charging IC. It uses a very small SOT-23-5 package and requires only a few external components, making it truly suitable for portable product applications.

Moreover, the IC is specially designed for USB power characteristics. At the same time, the device can also be used as a stand-alone linear Li-Ion battery charger.

Since it has a complete internal MOSFET structure, no external sense resistors and diodes are required. When working under high power loads or high temperature environments, thermal feedback will automatically control the charging current and thus control the temperature of the wafer. The charging voltage is fixed at 4.2V, and the charging current is set by connecting a resistor.


2YL6 pinout datasheet


1. Programmable charging current up to 800mA.

2. No external MOSFETs, sense resistors and diodes are required.

3. Charge a single Li-Ion battery directly from the USB port.

4. Preset 4.2V charging voltage with an accuracy of ±1%.

5. Shutdown mode requires only 25uA of support current.

6. Trickle charge interval is 2.9V.

7. Trickle-free charging mode can be set.

8. Soft start can effectively limit the inrush current.

2YL6 pdf IN4054


1. Mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players.

2. Charger

3. Bluetooth device

2YL6 PDF Datasheet