2N7002T Datasheet PDF – 60V, 300mA, N-channel MOSFET

Part Number: 2N7002T

Function: 60V, 300mA, N-channel MOSFET

Package: SOT-23, TO-236AB Type

Manufacturer: Philips Semiconductor, NXP

Image and Pinouts:

2N7002T datasheet


General description :

This is 60V, 300mA, N-channel Trench MOSFET.

N-channel enhancement mode Field-Effect Transistor (FET) in a plastic package using TrenchMOS technology.


1. Logic level threshold compatible
2. Surface-mounted package
3. Very fast switching
4. TrenchMOS technology


1. Logic level translator
2. High-speed line driver

Quick reference data

1. VDS≤60 V
2. RDSon≤5Ω
3. ID≤300 mA
4. Ptot ≤0.83 W

Limiting values

1. Drain-source voltage : Vds = 60 V
2. Drain current : Id = 300 mA
3. Total power dissipation : Ptot = 0.83 W

2N7002T Datasheet PDF

2N7002T pdf


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