2SC2688 Datasheet – 300V, NPN Silicon Transistor – UTC

Part Number: 2SC2688

Function: 300V, NPN Silicon Transistor

Package: TO-126 Tyoe

Manufacturer: Unisonic Technologies


2SC2688 datasheet



The UTC 2SC2688 is designed for use in Color TV chroma output circuits.


1. High Electrostatic-Discharge-Resistance. : ESDR: 1000V TYP. (E-B reverse bias, C=2300pF)
2. Low Cre, High fT Cre ≤3.0 pF (VCB=30V),  fT ≥50MHz (VCE=30V, IE=-10mA)

Absolute Maximum Ratings

1. Collector to Base Voltage : VCBO = 300 V
2. Collector to Emitter Voltage : VCEO = 300 V
3. Emitter to Base Voltage : VEBO = 5.0 V
4. Collector Current : IC = 200 mA



Other data sheets are available within the file: C2688, 2SC2688-K-T60-B-K, 2SC2688-K-T60-C-K, 2SC2688-K-T60-E-K

2SC2688 Datasheet PDF

2SC2688 pdf

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