3TF42 PDF – 3 Pole, 3 Phase, AC Contactor – Siemens

Part Number: 3TF42

Function: AC Contactor

Manufacturer: Siemens

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The Siemens 3TF42 is a 3-phase IEC rated contactor used for the control of electric motors. It is rated 5 HP at 230V and 10 HP at 460V. Conforms to IEC 60946.

The 3TF42 is a specific model of AC contactor manufactured by Siemens. It is part of the 3TF series of contactors, which are robust and reliable devices used for controlling electric motors and other high-power AC loads. The 3TF series contactors are AC contactors, specifically designed for switching and controlling alternating current (AC) loads.


3TF42 datasheet pinout

Siemens contactors are widely used in industrial applications, motor control centers, switchgear, and other electrical control systems. They are known for their high performance, reliability, and long service life


3TF42 PDF Datasheet