3TF44 PDF Datasheet – AC Contactor – Siemens

Part Number: 3TF44

Function: AC Contactor

Manufacturer: Siemens

Images:3TF44 contactor


3TF44 AC contactor is an electrical device used for controlling high-current circuits in alternating current (AC) applications. It is an electromechanical switch that is typically operated through a low-voltage control circuit to control the flow of electrical power in larger AC systems.

The AC contactor consists of several main components:

1. Coils: The coils are responsible for creating a magnetic field when energized. The magnetic field attracts the movable armature, causing the contactor to close or open the electrical contacts.

2. Contacts: The contactor has sets of electrical contacts that make or break the connection of the main power circuit. These contacts are usually made of high-quality materials that can handle high current and are designed for longevity and reliability.

3. Armature: The movable part in the contactor that is attracted by the magnetic field created by the coils. When the coils are energized, the armature moves and closes the electrical contacts.


3TF44 pdf datasheet

AC contactors are commonly used in various applications, such as motor control, lighting control, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and industrial machinery. They are essential for safely switching high-power loads, as they allow for remote operation and control of these loads through low-voltage control signals.

3TF44 PDF Datasheet