Part Number: 600-VC6DT2


Manufacturer: MTU Onsite Energy

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The Generator Model Number identified in the table is for standard C Series Configuration. Consult the factory for alternate configuration. *- UL2200 Offered 2 / 600-VC6DT2 Facts /  EPA Tier 2 Certified Engine-Generator Set Tested to ISO 8528-5 for Transient Response UL2200, CSA Listing Offered Accepts Rated Load in One Step Per NFPA 110, Level 1 All engine-generator sets are prototype and factory tested MTU Onsite Energy is a single source supplier Global Product Support 2 Year Standard Warranty Custom Design for Any Application TWD1643GE Diesel Engine – 16.1 Liter Displacement –


Electronic Unit Pump Injection – 4-Cycle /  Complete Range of Accessories Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) – Brushless, Rotating Field – 300% Short Circuit Capability – 2/3 Pitch Windings Digital Control Panel(s) – UL Recognized, , NFPA 110 – Complete System Metering – LCD Display Cooling System – Integral Set-Mounted – Engine Driven Fan STANDARD EQUIPMENT //  Engine Brushless Alternator with Brushless Pilot Exciter 4 Pole, Rotating Field 130°C Standby Temperature Rise 1 Bearing, Sealed Flexible Coupling Full Amortisseur Windings 125% Rotor Balancing 3-Phase Voltage Sensing ±.25% Voltage Regulation 100% of Rated Load – One Step 3% Maximum Harmonic Content Air Cleaner Oil Pump Full Flow Oil Filter Jacket Water Pump Thermostat Exhaust Manifold – Dry Blower Fan & Fan Drive Radiator – Unit Mounted Electric Starting Motor – 24V Governor – Electric Isochronous Base – Structural Steel SAE Flywheel & Bell Housing Charging Alternator – 24V Battery Box & Cables Flexible Fuel Connectors Flexible Exhaust Connection EPA Certified Engine [ … ]

600-VC6DT2 datasheet

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