64F7055 PDF Datasheet – 32-bit RISC Microcomputer ( HD64F7055 )

Part Number: 64F7055, HD64F7055, SH7055

Function: 32-bit RISC Microcomputer

Package: 256-pin (FP-256H) Type

Manufacturer: Renesas Technology


64F7055 pdf datasheet


The 64F7055 is a single-chip RISC microcontroller that integrates a RISC CPU core using an
original Hitachi architecture with peripheral functions required for system configuration.
The CPU has a RISC-type instruction set. Basic instructions can be executed in one state (one
system clock cycle), which greatly improves instruction execution speed. In addition, the 32-bit
internal architecture enhances data processing power. With this CPU, it has become possible to
assemble low-cost, high-performance/high-functionality systems even for applications such as
real-time control, which could not previously be handled by microcontrollers because of their
high-speed processing requirements.



1. Maximum operating frequency: 40 MHz

2. Original Hitachi SH-2E CPU

3. 32-bit internal architecture

4. Instruction execution time: Basic instructions execute in one state

5. Address space: Architecture supports 4 Gbytes



64F7055 Datasheet