73D2248A PDF Datasheet – Datacom Modem Device Set

Part Number: 73D2248A

Function: MNP5 / V.42bis Datacom Modem Device Set

Package: 28-Pin PLCC

Manufacturer: TDK Electronics

Images:73D2248A datasheet


The 73D2248A, 2348A Device Sets consists of two CMOS integrated circuits which provide the data pump and protocol functions required to implement a high performance 2400 bit/s modem with error control and data compression. The 73D2248A basic modem function is provided by the 73K224L modem chip and is compatible with CCITT V.21, V.22, V.22bis and Bell 103 and 212A protocols. The error control functions are provided by modular software
running in the 73M2910 controller.


1. Combines modem and protocol controller

2. Supports 0 – 300, 1200 and 2400 bit/s with both sync and async modes

3. Modular software design allows customization

4. Modem protocols:

5. Bell 103 (73K224L), 212A

6. CCITT V.21, V.22, V.22bis, V.23 (73K324L)

7. Error control/compression protocols Available : MNP4, MNP5, CCITT V.42, V.42bis

73D2248A pdf


73D2248A PDF Datasheet

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